handcrafted irreverence

Dictator Goods was founded to occupy the intersection of handcrafted high design and brazen irreverence.

In late 2008, at a brunch in NYC someone asked, "Have you heard what Genghis Khan considered to be The Greatest Happiness . . . ?" Thirteen emperors, seventeen totalitarians, and twelve demagogues later, theater- and filmmaker Steven Klein and portfolio manager Glenn Nano settled on 7 magnificently devious quotes from some of the most villainous figures in history to feature as DICTATOR CARDS, which were launched for the holidays in 2009. Seated at brunch and instrumental to the process was Maria Johnston, designer of the seminal product and of

One year later, Dictator Goods is now tickled to launch YELLOW MEN, a high-resolution photographic poster series that explores the deeper layers of our ever-smiling, long-time favorite toys.

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